You Can Plan A Perfect Wedding in Ireland With These Tips


Ireland is home to some marvellous landscapes and natural locations. It is rightly called the Emerald Isle for its lush green landscapes. Its sprawling vales of green, rolling hills, Historic castles, rugged coasts, and unparalleled hospitality make it a top choice for weddings, be it for couples of Irish origin or otherwise. 

Now, planning a wedding is not an easy task, be it in Ireland or anywhere else in the world. It can easily get stressful over a range of things that need to be taken care of (you can change your name easily through a simple deed poll, taking one stressful thing out of the way — given that you believe in that tradition).

Here are some tips you can use to reduce your planning stress for your Big Day in Ireland: 

1. Brace for the Irish weather and other eventualities 

When planning a wedding in Ireland, it’s vital to remember that the weather may be fickle, so even if your wedding is scheduled during the peaks of summer, it may rain.

The weather in Ireland is mild for the majority of the year, but you really should always have a backup plan in case of unexpected rain. If you’re planning a wedding on the Emerald Isle, be prepared for rain at any time.

Additionally, you must be prepared to handle various other last-minute eventualities, such as your photographer not showing up on time. No matter how well-prepared you are, something may almost certainly go wrong, expect the unexpected to avoid disappointment.

2. Don’t shy away from hiring a wedding planner 

Since the wedding industry is relatively smaller in Ireland, you might face some difficulties in managing various aspects of the wedding on your own. This is where you should consider using the services of a seasoned wedding planner. 

It is a good idea to engage a planner to assist you with some of the important duties leading up to the wedding day. A planner will be well-versed in this area. With a vast network and expertise, they’ll take care of every detail that you could possibly overlook.

3. Ensure that you have checked various requirements for the religious ceremony

In Ireland, in the case of a Catholic wedding, the couples are required to complete a pre-wedding course. The said course is a way to prove whether the couple is eligible to get married in the Catholic church or not.

Similarly, every religion ought to have its own sets of rules, regulations, traditions, and customs for a marriage. Therefore, you should ensure that you check these requirements thoroughly to avoid any last-minute bummer on this front.

4. Decide on the venue

The venue is one of the most crucial decisions to be made early in the wedding planning process because it influences so many other considerations. Furthermore, Ireland boasts a plethora of beautiful wedding venues, making it even more difficult to pick one. 

You can begin your search for venues online, and if you have the opportunity, pay a visit to a venue before making a decision. Note that the venues sell out quickly, particularly on weekends. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, plan your wedding as long in advance as possible.

5. Keep in mind the legalities

In the Republic of Ireland, you must register your desire to marry at least 3 months before your selected day, and in Northern Ireland, you must register at least eight weeks before your chosen date. However, to be extra cautious, it’s best to plan as early as possible.

There are a few more things to think about before the Big Day, including:

  • Getting an apostille for the birth certificate in case one of the partners is not of Irish origin
  • Getting a Certificate of Freedom to Marry from the said non-Irish partner’s home country.


You can make your Irish wedding a day to remember for yourselves and your guests by following the tips we have mentioned in this article.