Life at home inspires new coffee series at Coffeewerk & Press

Galway Daily life style Life at home inspires new coffee series at Coffeewerk & Press

Coffeewerk + Press are this month launching their exclusive Coffee collection Coffeewerk X April, a collaboration with the Copehangen sustainably sourced, April Coffee Roasters.

Coffeewerk + Press is a recognised space on Quay Street in Galway City centre that has been created to showcase the overlap between Irish and international art and design with the perfect cup of coffee.

This winter season, Coffeewerk + Press is releasing an entire range of coffee under this collaboration.

The imagery for the first series has been created by Artist Enda Burke titled ‘Homebound with my Parents’.

Enda Burke’s work explores themes of family and catholic iconography in contemporary Ireland, allowing humour and integrity to shine through the mundane.

“I am particularly drawn to the monotony associated with working class life and how small details of colour and play can become marvels in monotonous settings,” Enda says.

“When the strict Covid measures were introduced in Ireland in March 2020, I decided to take portraits of my parents during lockdown.”

“These images are taken using nostalgia, humour and catholic iconography as a form of escapism from the stress of lockdown.”

Working with local artists has been the focus for Coffeewerk + Press since its inception, supporting art and marrying it with coffee can be seen throughout their original coffee cup collection from 2019.

The latest addition, ‘The Homebound Collection a new in house coffee series ‘that will introduce a new coffee product within the series every 4-6 weeks.

This will see a new filter coffee available to experience and buy that will display a different image from the series created by Enda. So it’s a new coffee flavour and a new insight into Enda’s view of being Lockdown with his parents.

“Working with local and national artists has been the focus of what we love to do here at Coffeewerk & Press,” explained owner Dan Ulrichs.

Dan Ulrich

“This series has been inspired by the Lockdown. In ‘Homebound with my Parents’ Enda Burke demonstrates the simplicity and the colour of what life has been like for months of this year.”

“His use of colour, his eye for detail and the sense of feeling he evokes from his pictures has inspired more than this series, he has opened up our eyes to the true connection between art, life and the human relationships we all crave.”

“This coupled with coffee, we felt brought a warmth and a sense of place. Enda’s series is so thought provoking and relevant,” Dan Ulrichs said.

The Homebound Collection will be available as one espresso and two filter coffees in 250g bags. The ‘The Homebound Box’ taster box which features 3 filter coffees and a brew guide is now available to purchase online and in store.