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A Taste of the ‘Best in the West’ of Ireland

Changing impressions takes time. And when it comes to Irish cuisine, there are some strong impressions to dispel.

“When people think of food in Ireland, too often they think of food that is boiled and boring. And we are changing that perception, says Gosia Letowska, who is part of the Galway Food Tours. She is proud to say they are changing impressions of Irish food, one set of taste buds at a time.

“I actually had someone on one of the tours that said that when her mother heard she was coming to Ireland, she gave this girl a packet of salt, and said you’ll be needin’ this,” Letowska says with a laugh. “But this girl then told me after the tour that we had definitely changed her mind.”

Wheat Ale for tasting on the Galway Food Tour

And that is how you fuel the local producers movement in Ireland

By promoting local producers Galway Food Tours is matching up tourists with the local pubs and restaurants and the freshest of local produce, seafood and fine cooking.

“While people are thinking boiled potatoes and turnips, we are showing them fresh seafood, vegetable sushi and spirits made right here. We are showcasing the best this area has to offer, prepared by great creative chefs and showing tourists where to find it all,” Letowska says.

The tour includes bakeries, cheesemongers, seafood, spirits, street food, pubs and restaurants. The stroll between the stops is peppered with tidbits of history of the buildings and businesses of Galway and each stop involves an explanation of where the food consumed came from, how it was prepared and what sets if apart.

From an oyster shooter to a shot of whiskey, from curry to fresh scones and from smoked mackerel to lamb jerky, the delights from around Galway come from a list of 50-plus local producers that make up an ever changing menu for Galway Food Tours.

“We are promoting local producers, local cuisine and local businesses. And we are changing how tourists view Irish cuisine, with every tour, every day. It’s a real win-win for everyone.”

You can find more information on The Galway Food Tours at www.GalwayFoodTours.com. And you can hear what tourists think of it all with this link: http://www.erinmeehanbreen.com/blog/2019/3/4/a-true-taste-of-galway


Erin Breen
Erin Meehan Breen is a freelance writer based in Galway. You can find her other work and her podcast Erin’s Isle at www.erinMeehanbreen.com
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