Darren’s Diary – Kicking The Habit (Day 20) – Sunday, 11th March 


It’s always frustrating when your team loses and that was the case today.  We all have our favourites in different sports but there’s always one that gets the motor running. 

It could be Manchester United or Liverpool.  You just have to look at social media after any Liverpool match to see how vocal they can be – win or lose!  The Irish Rugby and Soccer Teams can test emotions as can the Galway hurling and football teams.

For me, It’s the Galway senior camogie team.  Now, I’m not for one moment suggesting I have favourites between them and the ladies football.  That would be like picking between sisters!  But I have been following the camogie side for 10 years now so understandably, there’s a strong attachment.

We lost the league semi-final today.  The referee made some shocking decisions in the second half.  But we were architects of our own downfall in the first half.  Kilkenny got the better off us again and we have to wait until June now to right the wrongs.

I could go into this fully but I’m not.  Sport has a wonderful way of frustrating us and giving us such joy.  And while I’m not happy with our performance or loss tonight, you have to put things in perspective.  We’ve four months to get it right and it’s what happens in August or September that ultimately matters.

I was the closest I’d been to anyone holding a cigarette before today’s game in Banagher.  Was chatting John O’Gorman before the game as he took a pack out of his pocket.  It did catch my eye, won’t lie about that.  But never once thought about asking or having one.

Now, that might have been very different after the final whistle 🙂  I do say that in jest but when I’d seen Dermot come back from a sneaky one afterwards, couldn’t resist cracking the joke – “Do you remember when we used to do that together?”

There was always going to be two testing moments that will dictate whether I’m home and dry or not.  I’ve passed the first – seeing my team lose a knock out match!  The other will be drinking but not really going to have time for that for a few weeks.

The camogie result aside, it was a very good day.  Assisted in the kitchen this morning as Kate produced two Mother’s Day breakfasts.  I’ve already stated before I’m not the best chef but I work with my talents.  Mammy and Nanny were impressed with the delivery so we’d our good deeds for the day done.

And got to ring my own mother this evening to check on her and she’d a delightful day.  She’s more excited about the family invasion next week so we’ll certainly enjoy that.  And the weather was very good.

Also got to catch up with Veronica Curtin today.  She was doing co-commentary for the Camogie Association’s live stream and we got to have a chat beforehand.  ‘Ronnie’ was one of Galway camogie’s greats and an All-Ireland winner in 1996.

I enjoyed catching up with her as hadn’t for quite some time.  Indeed, the last time Galway beat Kilkenny in a knock out camogie game was the league semi-final in 2015 and Veronica joined me for the radio commentary that day.

Normally, we’d do live commentary of the league semi-final but with the Pearse Stadium double header, that was never happening.  Will be different next week when we get to Croke Park for Sarsfields and Athenry.  And I’ll get to catch up with my partner in crime, Imelda Hobbins for the first time this year 🙂

The car said 10.5 degrees as I got home this evening.  Have we finally entered a belated spring and can look forward to games week-in week-out?  I was disappointed with our result today.  But it was great to be out at camogie action in weather that felt right for the occasion.


Once I get through tomorrow, I’m three full weeks clean.  I’m cracking jokes about it now which feels good and is a healthy way to distract the mind I feel.  And the weekend isn’t over yet as have another game in Mullingar.  Will tell you about that tomorrow.  Enjoy the rest of Mother’s Day.