The Ongoing Appeal Of Irish Entertainment

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The Ongoing Appeal Of Irish Entertainment

Ireland is a beautiful country known popularly for its luscious green emerald island, great-tasting coffee and whisky and Saint Patrick’s Day. But, Irish entertainment is quickly taking centre stage in today’s entertainment industry, appealing to fans across the globe. Most famous movies and TV shows you know now were either filmed in Ireland or feature Irish actors and actresses. Sports are also no exception, with Ireland having five football divisions, including the Irish Premier Division and the First Division. Keep reading to learn more about Irish culture and entertainment and how it appeals to fans and the public.

The popularity of Irish sports

Sports is a huge part of Irish life and culture, with over half of the country’s population participating in Irish sports at least once every week. For this reason, Ireland caters to numerous international events and sports such as swimming and tennis, making sports a favoured pastime in the region.

Similarly, indigenous sports like Gaelic football, camogie and hurling have become a fan favourite with people travelling from other regions to Ireland to witness and participate in these local sports. Gaelic football is the most popular Irish indigenous sport and is part of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). Many other popular sports in the region include rugby, athletics, golf and many more that fans immerse themselves in.

The appeal of Irish sports to the public isn’t expected to slow down any time soon. If you’re a fan of Irish sport, you can watch and enjoy Ireland’s local sports from anywhere, thanks to advancements in technology. Currently, the Irish Football League is ongoing and you can join in on the games by betting on both teams to score when using online sports betting websites such as superbettingsites.

Television and films

Over the years, there have been countless movies set in Ireland and Northern Ireland and also TV shows. Among many more, some of the most popular have been Brooklyn, Game of Thrones, The Fall and Normal People. On the other hand, one of the best Brooklyn was released in 2015 and it follows a young Irish immigrant who moves to the United States. Starring Irish actress Saorise Ronan, the film also scored various award nominations, including an Oscar and Academy Award nomination. Just recently, the film Belfast emerged with two big nominations, making it one of the latest films set in Ireland to become a hit.

For Irish television, Normal People was an instant hit when it debuted back in 2020 and it racked up various award nominations. The TV show follows the intertwined lives of two young people living in Ireland. The Fall, set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is a 3-season series that was quite popular in the US. The crime drama received numerous critical reviews, but it remains a fan favourite today. Topping the list of popular TV shows that used filming locations in Ireland is also Game of Thrones. This successful HBO drama was shot in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to feature real landscapes and mediaeval fortresses. 

The Irish stars: Famous actors & celebrities from Ireland

Ireland has many talented individuals who have made a big name for themselves in various fields, including music, literature, TV, film and entertainment. In fact, each county in Ireland seems to have a famous celebrity or actor. For example, there’s Liam Neeson, who has starred in popular films like Taken and more of Hollywood’s biggest names like Brendan Gleeson, Cillian Murphy, and Colin Farrell.

Born in New York but raised in County Carlow, there’s Saoirse Ronan, who is an award-winning actress that has starred in various critically-acclaimed films like Ladybird. In Cork, there’s Graham Norton, a television personality, actor and comedian famously known for The Graham Norton Show and who also starred in Father Ted, an Irish sitcom. Other popular actors and celebrities from Ireland include Christy Moore, DJ Carey, Jamie Dornan, Robert Sheehan and many other iconic Irish stars!