The best alternatives to traditional parties in Galway


Massive parties in which people interacted with each other with zero hesitation and very little personal space almost seem like fantasies today. The rich and the famous continued to host huge parties during the pandemic since they had access to both resources and better treatments. But, ordinary people found it much harder to bring back any semblance of normalcy to their daily lives. They could barely work anymore, much less hold parties. 

You somehow survived these horrendous months filled with uncertainty and would like to get together with your close friends and family members. A typical party from the past is entirely out of the question, and you have to be innovative when it comes to planning a party while the pandemic rages on. Here are a few fun ideas that can get you started.

A Zoom party

Video calls turned into the primary mode of communication in 2020. It is now being used for everything from communicating with family members to official meetings. Why not use it for a birthday party too? Although adults will be pretty okay with a few phone calls wishing them a good year ahead, your children would have been looking forward to celebrating their birthdays. Due to the pandemic, they might not have seen their friends for several months, and it would be cruel to tell them that their birthday party is also cancelled. A good solution to this issue is to hold a birthday party over a video call. Contact the parents of your children’s friends, let them know about the online party, tell them the date, time and send them a link to the scheduled meeting. Just talking to each other via video call is not going to cut it. 

Since you will definitely be purchasing a cake for your child, also order several boxes of cupcakes and candies for their friends. On the day of the birthday or the day prior, go on a delivery drive to the houses of all the invited guests. If you take your child along, they can communicate with their friends from the safety of the car. Drop off the cupcakes, candies and materials needed for any crafting activities you wish to hold during the party. Once the day arrives, you can set down the cake in front of the screen and ask the other children to eat their cupcakes once your child has cut a slice. The rest of the evening can be spent making the kids engage in some fun activities or having them perform for each other. 

A casino themed party.

Visiting your favourite casino with your friends must have been a part of your monthly routine. Now that it’s not so safe to be outside anymore, going to the casino is no longer practical. But what if you recreated the casino atmosphere at home? 

Set out appropriately spaced areas with a laptop or a PC. Distribute typical snacks and drinks you used to enjoy at casinos. Turn on some standard casino music on the speakers and open up a good online casino on the devices.

There are thousands of online gambling sites you can access right from your home. You can find several trustworthy online casinos on this site. This party is only for a limited number of people, and to ensure appropriate social distancing, you can ask them to keep their devices in different rooms and not crowd in one single room. You can get started with some of your favourite slot machine games and celebrate the wins. Once you are done with those, you can join online rooms or servers where you can play table games with each other. Some online casinos today also provide live dealer games that can enhance your experience.

To better emulate the casino experience, ask your friends to dress glamorously, as they would have to a casino. Also, change the lights and decorations inside your home to give it a more casino-like feel. 

An outdoor movie watching party

If you want to enjoy an evening with a handful of friends and you have a pretty spacious backyard, a movie session could be a good choice. Get a projector, and project the movie onto a white sheet or a screen hung up a certain distance away. Set out chairs or rugs with sufficient distance between them, prepare all of the guests’ favourite snacks and get watching. Though this might not be the same as watching a movie at a theatre, you’ll still get to enjoy a fun evening where you can communicate with your friends. 

Wrapping up

We are still trying to learn how to exist alongside this deadly disease. Humans have always found ways to persist and survive. Though the way we live has certainly changed, our basic desires and emotions continue to be the same. If you want to spend a few hours with your close friends, there are ways to do it while being safe.