Heinous betrayal exposed and revenge plans in Ros na Rún

Heinous betrayal exposed and revenge plans in Ros na Rún

Malachaí exposed the heinous betrayal of Michelle, Caitríona’s gonna get a gun, and Noreen puts Conall in his place in Ros na Rún.

Malachaí exposes Greg and Sorcha’s horrific betrayal to Michelle, making sure she knows the lengths they went to in order to get their hands on her money.

Truth in hand, Michelle plots her revenge coldly, and plans to play the long game. But just what retribution does she have in mind?

That’s not all, as thanks to Michelle, Malachaí is able to destroy all the evidence Greg planned to use against him.

Caitríona, on seeing an old gun in Micheal’s possession, believes it may  have been used to kill her great uncle. If only she could get her hands on  it.  

Conall believes Noreen does too much as it is, in Tigh Thaidhg’s, and  should find better employment.

But Noreen soon puts him straight and  has Conall wondering if he should take a leaf out of her book.  

Vera loses all respect for Diana when she refuses to arrest a petty  criminal. Will Diana regret this decision?

Catch up on all the latest plotting and drama in Ros na Rún in a double this Sunday on TG4.