Pressure ramps up on Sorcha this week on Ros na Rún

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Pressure ramps up on Sorcha, David is cramping Colm and Mo, and Katy insinuates herself between Berni and Pádraig on Ros na Rún.

Michelle, knowing how stressed Sorcha is about the missing money, convinces her that the house insurance will cover it.

Sorcha’s delight soon changes to despair when she hears Michelle spoke to Cóilí Jackie about the “loan” he gave Sorcha.

Will Cóilí Jackie realise from this that it was Sorcha who stole from him?

Two’s company and three’s a crowd is not a phrase David seems to be aware of as he makes himself at home in Colm and Mo’s to the awkwardness of others.

Mo & Colm start to get sick of David in on top of them

Colm wanting to be shot of him suggests David should start dating again. Will David take his advice on board and plunge back into the world of romance?

Katy wanting to sabotage Pádraig’s ‘Pop up’ night has a word in Berni’s ear to try and put a wrench in affairs.

Will Berni realise what Katy is up to in time, or will Pádraig  find himself out on his ear?

ádraig realises that Katy hasn’t forgiven him when she goes against his pop up nights

Caitríona is very interested on hearing you can buy ‘followers’ online, and queries how much this would cost.

But the question is, will her interest fade when she discovers how expensive they are?

All this and more on Ros na Rún this Thursday at 8:30pm, only on TG4.