NONSENSE NIGHT at Galway Comedy Festival

Galway daily comedy NONSENSE NIGHT at Galway Comedy Festival

Enjoy a nonsensical night of craic and laughter with NONSENSE NIGHT at this year’s Galway Comedy Festival at Massimo.

Join WOMP Events for a night of nonsense as part of #GCF22 on Wednesday, October 26. Not just another basic b*tch pub quiz.

This will be an opportunity to test your team’s intelligence in a quiz night that actually requires very little intelligence, or quizzing.

The evening will combine common knowledge quiz rounds with interactive craic including Spin the Prize Wheel, Celebrity Sibling Picture Rounds, Roast The Host, Shrek Rave Rounds, a Wrap Battle.

There will also be a Creampie Round, Whose Joke Makes Our Judge Laugh The Most, The Song Game, Opposite Answers, Multiple Choice, Speed Rounds, Once In A Conga Line & more.

It promises to be good fun and a waste of perfectly good confetti with lots of nonsense, prizes, Talking Heads tunes, and opportunities to learn something new (….probably not that last bit). Fun for all the family (rated 18+).