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Ros na Rún: Brian opens up about the night of Jude’s accident

Brian seeks comfort from Sorcha as he opens up about Jude’s accident, Rory is caught in a nasty love triangle of his own making, and Micheál is caught between a rock and a hard place in Ros na Rún.

Two’s company, three’s a crowd – this is as true in Ros na Rún as anywhere, and might certainly be the case with the love triangle of Rory, Michelle and Emma. 

Rory has been wooing Michelle for months now, but during a romantic meal in Gaudi’s they are interrupted by his wife Emma. 

Is Rory’s term of cheating over, or will Michelle eventually see his true side?

In the Seoighe household, Micheál is still treading on eggshells around Laoise, and Réalitín’s arrival puts a spanner in the works.

Laoise is being the stepmother from hell in Réailtíns eyes, and Mícheál has no choice but to confide in his daughter. 

How will Réailtín take the news, or worse still, what will Laoise’s reaction be?  

Briain confides in Sorcha regarding the fateful night of Jude’s accident seeking comfort as he realises he will never forget it. 

Sorcha reminds him that being with Berni may not be the healthiest option if he needs to move on with this hidden secret. 

Will Briain take her advice and make a drastic decision about his relationship?

To see all of this and more watch Ros na Rún on TG4 every Tuesday and Thursday night at 8:30pm, with a double catch-up billing on Sundays.

Briain Kelly
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