Connacht Hospitality Group takes the stress from planning a night out

Galway Daily food drink Connacht Hospitality Group takes the stress from planning a night out

Planning a night out always had the potential to be a complicated affair, trying to get a group of people to agree where to go, and when.

Lockdown has only made this more challenging, with the limits on the amount of time you can spend at any one location, and the need to book ahead to be certain of getting a table at all.

The Connacht Hospitality Group are taking the stress out of coordinating multiple venues with their new Dine Around offering for some of the best loved bars in Galway.

An Pucán beer garden
An Pucán beer garden

You can  now start your night in either An Púcan on Forster Street with, enjoying a burger and some pints with friends, either indoors at this award-winning sports bar, or enjoying the evening air at the beer garden out back.

Or kick off the night at 1520 in the heart of the Latin Quarter, known for its beautifully eclectic style and incredible cocktails from the Penny Bar.

1520 Bar credit: Julia Dunin photography

When things are getting into gear, and its time to enjoy a delicious main course in the extremely popular HYDE Bar & Gin Parlour, know for its world class cocktail menu and the breathtaking selection in its Gin Bible.

And then finish off the night at either 1520 or An Pucan with a starter or dessert, either taking the opportunity to sample both venues, or double dipping in your favourite spot.

When you book in via email to they will do the rest, all you have to do is enjoy the evening and keep the festivities moving within the allocated time.

6pm: Starter in 1520 Bar on Quay Street or An Púcan on Forster Street
8pm: Main Course in HYDE Bar & Gin Parlour
9:45pm: Starter or Dessert in An Púcan on Forster Street or 1520 Bar on Quay Street

Cocltails at HYDE Bar Gin Parlour

As always terms and conditions apply but not too many, all bookings must be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance, there is a maximum of 4 people per booking at the weekends and 6 people per booking midweek, and timings may change subject to availability. This package is €40 per person.

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