Lobster pot thief lands in hot water

Lobster pot thief lands in hot water

A man found himself in hot water at Galway District Court on Monday after he was caught selling lobster pots that didn’t belong to him earlier this year.

Galway resident Stephen Feeney was caught in his own trap after the owner of the lobster pots saw a third party loading the pots into a van in the Claddagh.

The man had traded a Lexus car and a small amount of cash for the lobster pots to Stephen Feeney, who had claimed the pots were his.

Caught red-handed, Feeney made full admissions to gardaí in an interview.

The deal netted him a total profit of €400.

The 24-year-old defendant has one previous theft-related conviction.

Solicitor for the defense Colin Lynch noted that his client has worked since leaving school before his junior cert.

He said that Feeney was “foolish in the extreme” for conducting the “silly” enterprise.

All items involved in the deal were recovered undamaged.

Feeney managed to claw his way out of trouble for the time being, as District Court Judge Mary Fahy will hold off on sentencing until February 11.

She asked that he pay €300 in compensation to the owner of the lobster pots for the inconvenience.

The defendant has until his next court date to come up with the cash.

Shellfish-related crime may be on the rise in Galway, with an oysterman fined this spring for harvesting undersized oysters.

Residents of coastal areas may want to keep their eyes peeled for any krillminal activity.

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